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As a new breeder of high quality warmbloods, Jeff and Ruth Ann Olson are the owners of Lillabondgard Farm.  They take pride in offering the best young dressage prospects possible. They are dedicated to serving the needs of their customers, both amateur and professional dressage riders and enthusiasts, and they continually seek to improve their breeding and training practices.  Laura Ware, ( http://www.laurawaredressage.com ) a long-time friend, advisor, and trainer, has been a consultant to the breeding program from its inception.  She has helped the Olson's acquire their mares, select stallions and school and show the youngsters. 


Our Farm

Located on the north face of the Palmer Divide in central Colorado, Lillabondgard Farm is a small breeding facility specializing in high quality warmbloods from proven American and European bloodlines.

We only try to produce one or two foals a year and give them, and our brood mares, our undivided attention and care.

At about 7,000 feet above sea level, our air is clear and fresh and our land produces high quality grass and hay for the nourishment of our young equine athletes.

We are fortunate to have abundant water below ground and also a spring-fed surface water source. Lying in the shadow of Pikes Peak, our converted dairy farm offers a quiet and natural setting for our mares and foals to live and grow.



“Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened.” 

- Anatole France -


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4729 County Road 106
Elbert, CO 80106 


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